Le Petit Rêve
Le Petit Rêve
Le Petit Rêve Le Petit Rêve Le Petit Rêve

When visiting Paris it’s important to be in an area that offers easy access to the splendid bakeries, cheese and wine shops, boutique chocolate stores and a fresh produce and flower markets. At Le Petit Rêve (LPR), these are just outside the penthouse building’s door !

LPR is located in the 15th arrondissement on the border of the posh 7th arrandisement, a lively, safe and truly Parisian neighborhood not overrun with tourists. (Perhaps that’s why Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie chose to spend their 2006 holiday here in Paris.) Within a five−minute walk of guests can visit:

Rue du Commerce Rue du Commerce. Meat, fish, cheese, vegetable stores, pastry shops and bakeries, along with places selling clothing, electronics, gifts, household items, lingerie, makeup, and toiletries, are among the many establishments that draw people to this lively commercial street area.

Monoprix Monoprix department store and supermarket. One of France’s best chain stores, Monoprix, boasts a wide selection of fresh foods, especially fish and meat.

Boulevard Grenelle’s Fresh Food Market Boulevard Grenelle’s fresh food market comes alive on Wednesday and Sunday mornings with the sights, sounds and smells of seasonal French fare, as well as clothing and household goods.

La Maison de L’escargot Specialty, Ethnic & Bio food. La Maison de L’escargot, the house of snails, is just one of the stores where guests can get some unusual foods. Others include Chinese and Japanese markets and a bio-coop.

Ethnic restaurants & health foods Ethnic restaurants & health foods featuring Chinese, Corsican, French, Italian, Indian, Japanese, Lebanese, Moroccan, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese fare.

Wine Store Other. On the same street as LPR is a dry cleaners, convenience store, pharmacy, post office and wine store, as well as several bistrots.